“Reliable, accurate, dependable, competent and pleasant to work with on any issue! They’re always willing to think outside the box to help make a complex depo situation simple. Simply the best!”

Larry D. Peterson, Partner
Peterson, Oliver and Poll

Our solutions are full-fledged, high-tech marvels.

In the early years, we delivered every certified transcript on paper—end of story. No disks, no digital signatures, no online transcript repositories, no scanned, hyperlinked exhibits, and no streaming legal video. What a difference three decades makes. The evolution of the digital deposition format helps us serve attorneys, their staff members—and ultimately, their clients—more effectively. Today, we deliver the highest-tech products and services available to clients around the world. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • The most skilled and experienced court reporters in the industry, plus digital signatures for easy eFiling
  • Web depositions that save the cost of travel and videoconferencing
  • Document management tools that make every case easy to handle
  • Expert digital video services, including video synchronization, full production and video streaming
  • IP/ISDN videoconferencing facilities around the world, across the country and throughout California
  • Deposition suites worldwide–including more than 65 spaces statewide that are complimentary when you use our reporters
  • No interpreter cancellation fees when you book through us in California
  • Fast, affordable transcription