“We’ve enjoyed working with Hahn & Bowersock for several years now. From the wide range of excellent services and the competence of their reporters to the prompt, always responsive customer service, one word sums it all . . . QUALITY—of the highest order!”

Bobbie Harker, Director of Finance and Administration
Call & Jensen

Our court reporting experts are ready—statewide, nationwide and worldwide.

Combine unbeatable accuracy and efficiency with super-charged technology and you get Hahn & Bowersock’s brand of court reporting—the most comprehensive deposition product in the industry today.

We’re last minute, short notice specialists. For trials, hearings, depositions, meetings, arbitrations, anywhere you need a fast, accurate record now, our dedicated court reporters are only a call or click away.

  • Competitive rates in markets nationwide
  • Certified LiveNote and Certified Realtime Reporters
  • Certifed LiveNote trainers
  • Certified LiveNote Multimedia Expert facility
  • Customized quotes for multiparty litigation and insurance carriers
  • No-hassle last-minute scheduling
  • Complimentary hyperlinked exhibits with every deposition
  • Legal video deposition streaming for 24/7 viewing and downloading
  • Verified digital signatures for easy online filing
  • Convenient, toll-free telephone and web depositions
  • Deposition streaming with or without text streaming
  • Easy online exhibit viewing and management during depositions

Reporters For Court? Easy!

State budget cuts are closing courts and eliminating court reporters for civil proceedings. You have to “bring your own”—
and Hahn & Bowersock makes it hassle free.

You’ll always get fast, professional service from seasoned, court-certified reporters who deliver top quality.

Last minute and short notice are never a problem—we’re ready whenever and wherever you need us. Email us today or call us at 800.660.3187.