“Hahn & Bowersock’s web deposition service is outstanding. The system works flawlessly and has saved us substantial amounts of time and money on depositions that would have been a real problem to schedule and complete.”

Ken Catanzarite, Partner
Catanzarite Law Corporation

Now you really CAN be two places at once.

Today, your business is worldwide and non-stop. Hahn & Bowersock gives you two powerful ways to eliminate the hassle and cost of traveling to out-of-town depositions and other proceedings. Attend a deposition in Lima in the morning and appear in court in Los Angeles in the afternoon. We make it easy!

Web depositions

We’ve combined the latest court-reporting technology with face-to-face meetings on the web to create our fastest-growing and most cost-effective way to attend a deposition.

H&B web depositions let you meet face to face and interact in real time from any desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone. The convenience, power and savings are major:


  • No travel costs or lost time
  • No costly hookup fees or calling charges
  • No hourly attendance fees
  • Realtime transcript streaming
  • Online exhibit markup and sharing
  • Two modes—interactive and view only (perfect for clients, adjusters, experts, war-room participants and others who need to observe)
  • Private and group chat functionality
  • Extremely secure connections
  • Easier on the environment

Text and video streaming depositions

We also provide Realtime LiveNote, TextMap and CT Summation feeds on web depositions with Realtime text streaming or combination text and video stream, Our certified Realtime and web deposition trainers will personally oversee and connect all parties to the streaming depositions, and our professional videographers will be on hand to expertly record the proceedings.